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Open Applications

  • Ban Appeals

    This form is to be used ONLY if you were banned for longer than 1 week.

  • Staff Report

    This form should only be used to report a Staff member on Friends RP. 

  • Player Report

    This Form should only be used to report players for breaking Community Guidelines. 

  • Staff Application

    Application to become a staff member on FriendsRP

  • Gang Applications

    Only fill this application out if you want to make a official gang on Friends RP.  

  • Age Waiver Application

    You must be above 15 to use this application, submitting this and being under 15 is a violation of our community guidelines and a bannable offense.

  • San Andreas State Police Application

    Please put as much effort as you can into this. A lack of effort will be instantly denied. Requirements: 16+ Must have played on the server for at-least 7 days

  • Whitelisted Application

    This application is for Whitelisted jobs and Creating a gang/Business.

  • Business Applications

    This is for whitelisted members only

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